What we offer



We like to develop unique, tailor-made projects that seduce with their identities, their souls…

It is not a question of conforming to a precise and defined style, but of telling a story.

Be inspired by what really makes sense to you and the people who share your space.

We want to make you love your « interior » wherever you live, and make it a place where everyone feels good. Our ambition is not to impose aesthetic diktats on you. Our aim is to inspire you, to encourage you to create an interior that reflects your image. Your story is essential, it is the indispensable ingredient to create a space that you will never want to leave.



Work on the plans to optimise space and increase fluidity. With practical aesthetic aspects and technical requirements.

Choice of linings, composition of electrical system design, drawing up a room-by-room description as an essential basis for calls for tender.

3D CAD drawings and mood-board.



Specialised in Home Staging, we help you to reinvent the decoration and motion of your property for sale.

De-clutter – reorganise – rearrange each room in order to increase the house’s value and thus increase the chances of a quick sale.

By rethinking and restructuring each space and accessorising them with neutral but chic decorative objects, a cosy atmosphere is created that makes it easier for potential buyers to project themselves into the space and feel at home.

Home-staging takes the fundamentals of interior design but uses them for a different purpose.


" The attention to detail, the combination of balanced compositions as well as the perfect realization of the handmade wallpapers of Vilenica Studio make each creation unique.

A love of quality, crafts and objects that have a story to tell. The desire to ennoble every interior. “
In the photo on the right: Vilenica Studio