Fluid Process and Positive way.
At the final aesthetic and elegant way.

hello it’s me!


is a creative studio specialized in interior design. An atelier always on the move, in tune with the spirit of the time, searching for new inspirations and attentive to the appointments of fashion design. IT IS ENHANCING the PERCEPTION of beautiful EMOTIONS. It is love at first sight, it is the importance of granting prestige to the internationally recognized “Made in Italy”. It is more than a reference design, it is the creation of high-quality products.

Carole Rossier, interior designer, IDI graduate, works with passion and mastery on developing your personal or professional projects. She creates a story between you and your inside space or between your values and your business. This is LIFE, STYLE, STORY.


For more complex projects requiring construction or renovation, we collaborate with the team – partnership PASCAL ROSSIER 3D CAD Architect ARCHICAD / ARTLANTIS Expert in projects of all kinds, new or undergoing transformation (Swisstech Convention Center EPFL).

Painting partnership with FLEUR DESIGNER’S PAINT.
A beautiful family history made in Italy.
Traditional production, high-quality colours in small batches. The result is a product with unique characteristics.
The colours are intense, deep and elegant.
Each colour has its own personality.
Vibrant chromatic collections offer true sensations of light. It’s a real crush on the values that correspond to me.
A subtle colour effect.
An authentic design signature.